Accommodating the Polynesian Heritage of the Maori Child – A New Zealand Problem



The thesis of this paper is that the problems with learning difficulties sits with the teaching not with the pupils.

Table of contents

Introduction, The Setting, Responding to a Polynesian Heritage, The Extent of Bilingualism among Children, Avoiding Alibis for Ineffective Teaching, The Absence of Agreement Among Teachers,



Primary author: Watson, John E.

Secondary author: New Zealand Council for Education Research

Author biography: Pākehā

Publisher: New Zealand Council of Educational Research

Publication format: Conference proceedings, Essay

Publication place: Wellington

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre, NZ Council of Educational Research

Catalog reference: Education 2: Programme on Racism (POR) Box 4

Content type: Recommendations, Responses

Collection: Mitzi Nairn


Sector: Education – primary, Education – secondary

Formal group: Community / Professional Groups, Government Bodies

Informal group: Māori, Polynesians

General related topics: How to teach

Historical period: 20th