Apartheid Label 'Abhorrent'



Reported response from Hon Matiu Rata to Waitangi Action Representatives in Geneva calling for the boycott of New Zealand Commonwealth games on the basis that New Zealand "practices apartheid"

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Primary author: NZPA

Author biography: Corporate/institutional, Māori

Publisher: New Zealand Herald

Publication format: Newspaper article

Publication date: 17 August 1988

Publication place: Auckland

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: Education 2: Programme on Racism (POR) Box 4

Content type: Protest, Report

Collection: Project Waitangi (national)

Formal group: International Body, UN, Maori Treaty, Waitangi Action Committee, Political Parties

Informal group: Māori

Culture related topics: Racism

General related topics: Colonisation, First Peoples' rights, Tino rangatiratanga

Historical period: 20th

Historical event: Sesquicentennial