Apec, Māori and the Treaty: Fact Sheet 3



A fact sheet discussing what ‘APEC’ is and how APEC affects Maori. It also lists a number of Treaty issues.

Table of contents

What is APEC?; Who is APEC?; How does APEC affect Maori?; What about Maori as workers?; Do governments have to do these things?; What does this have to do with the Treaty?; Are there any benefits to Maori from APEC?; The Aotearoa/New Zealand APEC Monitoring Group



Primary author: APEC Monitoring Group

Secondary author: Kelsey, Jane

Author biography: Corporate/institutional, Māori, Pākehā

Publisher: APEC Monitoring Group

Publication format: Course or workshop outline, Education hand-out, Fact sheets

Publication date: 1999

Publication place: Christchurch

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: ATOW-4 and T-03 Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Content type: History, Kawanatanga, Protest

Sector: Education – secondary, Education – tertiary, Education – Treaty

Formal group: Government Bodies

Informal group: Indigenous peoples, Māori, Migrant, Other ethnic

Culture related topics: Bi-cultural

General related topics: Equity/justice/fairness, First Peoples’ rights, Globalisation

Historical period: 20th

Resources: Culture, Intellectual property, Land