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A collection of various resources relating to The Treaty of Waitangi collated by Project Waitangi Tamaki Makaurau.

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Project Waitangi Tamakaki Inc. Archives project — The Treaty of Waitangi: a pakeha perspective December 16987 — Project Waitangi workshop panui: Karena Way facilitator and members of Project Waitangi — Project Waitangi stage 2: meeting three: after the Treaty: parihaka 1879-1882 — Newspaper article: The separation of colour and state — We of Project Waitangi want to invite you to a meeting — centennial re-enactment of signing Treaty 1940 — Common questions and response – Mitzie Nairn — Te Wero: the challenge — NBR Weekend review: Treaty of Waitangi nation’s keystone Oct 21 1988 — Sir William Martin: one time chief Justice — Fitting into Pakeha society — The Treaty and human rights — Features: New times, new racism by Paul Spoonley — Tourangatira: the assembly place by Peter Cooke — Newspaper articel – The thorny quesion of biculturalims – The Dominion Dec 27 1990 — Newspaper article – Spiritual bond of the treaty gives life – The Dominion Dec 24 1990 — Newspaper article –  Racism and the Treaty of Waitangi – The Dominion Dec 265 1990 — NZ Listener article – The laughing revolutionary – Sep 16 1989 — More Magazine article – Te Wero, The challenge by Jane England — Policy for bi-culturualism — Our responses to some commonly asked questions about the Treaty — NZ Listener article – Mana Maori by Gordon Campbell and Anthony Hubbard — Newspaper article – John Gulley sets sail for NZ’s greener pastures – The Dominion Jan 14 1991 — NZ Nursing Journal article – Equalising the partnership – April 1989 — Newspaper article – Treaty fight over fish – The Dominion Feb 9 1988 — NZ Listener article – Access, not crackdown by Ranginui Walker – Dec 10 1988 — Newspaper article – Revolutions on collision course – Evening Post Jan 31 1990 — NZ Listener article – Nganeko Minhinnick, guardian on ght Manukau – Feb 11-17 1991 — Newspaper article – No going back on Waitangi – The Dominion — Newspaper article – Treaty key to NZ Human rights – The Dominion May 25 1989 — Newspaper article – Treaty past, treaty present – Teh Dominion aug 13 1988 — Newspaper article – Unsung heroes of Titokowarus War — Newspaper article – The war that Hone Heke won – the Dominion aug 16 1986 — Newspaper article – a gaping hole in NZ history – The Dominnion Aug 23 1986 — NZ recent Law Review – Maori issues 1 by A L Mikaere – June 1989 — Newspaper article – Tales of our forgotten heroes are still worth telling – The Dominion Aug 11 1991 — NZ Listener article – The end of the Moriori by Michael King – Nov 6 1989 — Newspaper article – How the Treaty of Waitangi came to be signed – The evening Post Jan 9 1990 — Newpaper article – Settlers’ Week: the Settlement of Petone – The Evening Post Jan 20 1990 — Auckland Metro article – The land Wars of – April 1986 — Te Ao Hurihui – Land: Maori view and European response by Douglas Sinclair — Te Ao Hurihuri – Land since the Treaty: the nibgle, the bite, the swallow by Douglas SInclair — North & South – Learning to live with the Waitangi Triunal: the facts withoug fear by pat Booth — Department of Health ciruclar memorandum No. 1986/70: Treaty of Waitangi and Maori health — Inventory of Racism: How to look for institutional racism by Judy Katz — Maori illness and healing seminar – mental helath: a case for reform by M Marsden, 5 Sep 1986 — Bulletin Vol. 11 No. 3&4 – Children, race and racism: how race awareness develops — Politically sound Pakeha backlash by Rob Steven — Metro article – Te Pakeha: the search for white identity by Carroll Wall — PPTA journal article – The policies of deceoption – avoiding accountability to the Maori people by Keith Thorsen May 1987 — British Settlers and the land by Rollo Arnold — NZ Nursing Journal – Hauora: an indictment on social equality – Sep 1988 — A history of oppression? an egalitarian society? – Signs of the world to come — Beyond guild: a handbook on racism — Ism Schism: definitions of bi-culturalism by keni Johanni-Piahana — Cultural perspecitives in Psychiatric nursing: a Maori viewpoint — Department of Health cirucular memorrandum: Treaty of Waitangi and its implications for the health services – May 9 1988 — Set No. one 1989 itme 12 – What’s keeping them back? Life choices and life chances by Ronald Sultana — Set No. one 1989 item 13 – Will it hurt? teaching in Maori, or Pitjantjatjara by Ricahrd Benton — Features: aspirations and ideology – aspirations and ideology: biculturalism and multiculturalism in New Zealand education by Judith Simon — Maori families: the support system – Hana Tukukino — The New Zealand Education Gazette – Maori education – Vol. 70 No. 5, 15 Mar 1991 — National Education ep 1984 – Good intentions, but… Judith Simon discusses the findings of her reserarch on Pakeha teachers’ views of Maori children — Closing address by counsel for Kai Tahu claimants, Tuahiwi Marae, Rangiora 14 aug 1989 — Bicultural societies: preparing teachers for bicultural classrooms: Alaskan parallels by Barbara Harrison — the meaning of biculturalism by R J Walker — Problems in Cross-cultural communication by Judith Simon — On being culturally sensitve: the art of gathering and eating kina wihout pricking yourself on the finger – Linda Tuhiwai Smith — NZ Nursing Journal, Apirl 1989 – Roots of Racism — Metro article – Rina Rata and the pwoers that be a story of a clas of cultures by Christine Young — Metro artcle – Atareta Poananga and Te Ahi Kaa: what do Maori nationalists want? — Te Ruananga o ngai Tamarawaho, Huria Marae – Oct 1987 — Corporations undermine treaty – May 1988 — Nga korero o te wa: a summary of decisons, events and plans throughout new Zealand – Nov 15 1988 — Metro article – Te Karanga o te iwi: the way ahead — Maori values and the family court — the Maori struglle against white racism’s destruction of our resources by Betty Williams — Adapting to climate change – policy recommendations fromteh Maori working group — You carry your own damn umbrealla by Tania Kaaki — Maori Land Incorporation — PPTA Journal 1990 – an understanding from which justice comes by Moana Jackson — Indigenous “Human’ rights in New Zealand from and international perspective — Legislation and discretion — History of the departmen — NBR Weekend Review – The Treaty: a compact of (dis)honour – Dec 9 1988 — The Treaty of Waitangi – part of New Zealand domestic Law? — Royal Commisison on Social Policy, Juen 1988 – Treaty of Waitangi — The Treaty of Waitangi: a talk by Maori lawyer Moana Jackson — CBRF Journal issue 116 article – Treaty Past – Treaty Present — Legislation betrays the treaty of Waitangi — Nga Take i Puawai mai i nga waananga – The Treaty of Waitangi by Mira Szaszy – 27 Jan 1988 — Waitangi Day address – Chief Judge Durie – at Waitangi 6 February 1989 — Treaty of Waitangi – extract from lecture by Chief Judge Durie, Wellington School of Medicine, 15 july 1987 — The authentic and genuine history of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zeland, February 5 and 6 1840 — Political Theatre Symposium: Magdalena Maori Aotearoa workshop series – based in Paekakariki.

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