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Why is there both a Maori text and an English version of the Treaty?; Why does this poster only have the Maroi text and its translation?; What did the chiefs understand by the concept of ‘government’, that they were allowing the Queen to have in Article 1?; In Article 2, it looks as though the government could require hapu to sell their land – is this right?; What is the difference between the English version and the English translation?; What is the ‘Confederation’ referred to in the preamble and Article 1?; Do references to ‘people of New ZEaladn’ (Preamble, Article 2) and ‘ordinatry people’ (Article 3) mean that these parts refer to people of all ethnicities?; Why is ‘subtribes’ used instead of ‘tribes’ in the Preamble and Article 2?; Isn’t there a fourth article?



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