Discrimination against indigenous peoples



"The working group on Indigenous populations was proposed on September 8, 1981 by the sub commission on prevention of discrimination and protection of Minorities and endorsed by the Human Rigths Commission on March 10, 1982 and authorised by the Economic and Social sub-commission held its annual meeting."

Table of contents

Working group; Right of self-dtermination; International law; Treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements; General comments; Self determination not self management; Maori challenges; Rangatahi participation; Kaumaatua participation; Resources; Other matters; International year for Indigenous peoples; conclusion; Recommendations.



Primary author: Minhinnick, Nganeko

Author biography: Māori

Publisher: Nganeko Minhinnick

Publication format: Briefing paper

Publication date: March 1993

Publication place: Auckland

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: 305.8 MINH – Filing Cabinet

Misc. notes: Commission on Human Rights, sub commission on prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities forty-fourth session – agenda item 15: Discrimination against indigenous peoples from Nganeko Minhinnick to TRWH March 1993

Content type: History

Sector: Community

Informal group: Indigenous peoples

General related topics: Colonisation, Equity/justice/fairness, First Peoples' rights, Tino rangatiratanga

Historical period: 20th

Resources: Culture