Elections background packet : A CCANZ Kitset – programme on racism



These resource sheets offer, from the perspective of the Programme on Racism, some lines of questioning or listening so that you can critique the candidates in your head, or take part in discussions when things come up on television or at dinner.

Table of contents

The areas – Treaty of Waitangi settelements; Introduction; Treaty of Waitangi – settlements; Treaty of Waitangi – constitutional matters; Restoration of the productive sector; Restorative justive and prisons; Telling the truth to immigrants; APEC Maori & the Treaty fact sheet 3; Restoring the balance? Punishing crime?; Auckland coalition against APEC; A Church leaders’ statement for 1990.



Primary author: CCANZ; programme on Racism

Author biography: Corporate/institutional

Publisher: CCANZ Programme on Racism

Publication format: Education resource

Publication date: 1990

Publication place: Auckland

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: AMNC-2

Content type: History, Kawanatanga, Protest, Treaty generally

Collection: Mitzi Nairn

Sector: Community, Education – tertiary, Education – Treaty

Formal group: Churches, Project Waitangi

Informal group: Māori

General related topics: Equity/justice/fairness

Historical period: 20th