Exciting racial disharmony



A Discussion paper on section 9A of the Race Relations ACT 1971 which makes it unlawful to excite racial disharmony

Table of contents

1.  Section 9A (Racial Disharmony); 2.  International covenants and international situation; 4. The extent to which section 9A inhibits freedom of speech; 5. General Comments; 6.  Public Opinion; 



Primary author: Human Rights Commission

Author biography: Māori, Pākehā

Publisher: Human Rights Commission

Publication format: Report

Publication date: April 1984

Publication place: Wellington

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: APOR-2

Misc. notes: Page 3 missing

Content type: Report

Informal group: Māori

Culture related topics: Racism

Historical period: 20th

Resources: Culture