History or Propaganda? Interpretations of the Marquis of Normanby's Instructions to Captain William Hobson August 1839.



This paper explores the debate that surrounds the reasons and motives given to the appointment and dispatch of Captain William Hobson to New Zealand in 1839.

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Primary author: Lodder, W. R.

Publisher: Unknown

Publication format: Essay

Publication date: 26 January 1999

Publication place: New Zealand

Publication status: Okay to copy

Publication availability: Yes

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Catalog reference: ATOW-2 and T-03 Te Tirity o Waitangi

Misc. notes: Includes in appendices the copies of correspondence between Captain Hobson and the Marquis of Normanby.

Content type: History

Historical period: 19th

Historical event: Treaty

Related people: William Hobson . Marquis of Normanby