Iwi, whenua Maori, the land and the people – an explanation




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Rural land in New Zealand; Maori land; Maori people/Maori land; Maori system of the tenure; The Maori – prior to 1840; Conflict between European and Maori land owning concepts; The Maori concept of land ownership stood in contrast with that introduced by the European colonists last century; The Native Lands Act, 1865; Individualisaton of title; The Native Lands Court; Maori leadership attempted to rally the people to appose these processes; The resulting breaking down of Maori society was a deliberate intention of the Government of the day; The Maori – around 1900;  The present day – Pressures of Maori land and Maori society continue unabated; Maori lands now experience a state of administrative disability; Present day administration of Maori lands in multiple title: Maori land administration – the bureaucratic structure; The relationship of most Maoris with the practical concerns of land administration and management has become very tenuous; An official attitude today; The Maori – the present day; The land and the people; The great Maori land rip-off; Is the Maori land issue of any relevance to New Zealanders at large?; Maori lands everywhere in the North Island are bearing the brunt of the present industrial forestry land grab; A case study; Another case study; A third case study; The Maori land issue; What are the political implications?; What needs to be done; Maori land owning groiups.



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