Kawanatanga Network Information and Papers



A collection of correspondence, newsletters, press clippings and briefing papers related to process and consultation for Treaty Settlement. Material focused also on challenging the proposed fiscal envelope.

Table of contents

Copy of Kawanatanga Network’s correspondence with NZQA, 28 January 1994 to Mr Hood from Waikato Anti-Racism Coalition; Copy of Kawanatanga Network’s correspondence with NZQA, Copy of Kawanatanga Network’s correspondence with NZQA, 16 May 1994 to Monte Ohia; 18 May 1994 to David Hood; Copy of Kawanatanga Network’s correspondence with NZQA, 18 September 1994 to David Hood; Letter to Monte Ohia from John Kirton 16 May 1994; Letter to David Hood from John Kirton 18 September 1994 including a response from David Hood to John Kirton, 19 Oct 1994; Letter to Hon. Douglas Graham 9 Oct 1994 and 25 October 1994 and all Treaty Workers from Kawanatanga Network; Letter to Members and Supporters of Kawanatanga Network, 18 Nov 1994; Letter to Hon. Dourglas Graham, 28 Nov 1994, 2 Dec 1994, 13th December from Kawanatanga Network; Letter to Networkers from Kawanatanga Network 8/12/94; Letter to John Kirton from Douglas Graham 16 Dec 1994; The Maori law review Decc 1994-Jan 1995 p 13; Letter to Hon. Douglas Graham, 8 Jan 1995 from John Kirton; Letter to John Kirton from the University of Auckland, 10 Jan 1995; Press release from Kawanatanga Network on the Crowns proposal of settlement of outstanding Treaty Claims; Letter to Network Members from John Kirton – 11/02/95; Resolutions from the 7th National anti-racism workers’ gathering held at Taurikura 3-6 February 1995; Letter to JH Clarke Race Relations from Gwenda Monteith Paul; Letter to Network members from Linda and Trish, 2/3/95; Letter from Hon. Douglas Graham to Gwenda Paul, 21/4/95; Submission to Maori Affairs Committee considering the Maori Purposes Bill from Kawanatanga Network, 27/4/94; Meeting at Pirongia; Letter to Network members from Kawanatanga Network, 25 June 95; Letter to Office of Treaty Settlements regarding submission of Crown proposals for the settlement of Treaty of Waitangi Claims; Letter to John Kirton from Office of Treaty Settlements, 7 July 1995; Letter to Project Waitangi rom Kawanatanga Network 18 June 1996; Some Pakeha Tauiwi suggestions for Aotearoa’s constitution; Preamble to constitution; Suggested Pakeha Tauiwi constitution articles; Political options facing Maori; Bringing about the constitutional change

Primary author: Kawanatanga Network

Author biography: Pākehā

Publisher: Kawanatanga Network

Publication format: Fact sheets, Letter, Newsletter, Newspaper article

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: AKN – Kawanatanga Network

Content type: Kawanatanga, Recommendations

Sector: Community, government regional or local, Justice

Formal group: Kawanatanga Network

Culture related topics: Bi-cultural, Racism

General related topics: Colonisation, Equity/justice/fairness, First Peoples' rights, Tino rangatiratanga

Historical period: 20th