This article attempts to clarify how the missionaries might have understood issues of governance and power and what explanation they might have given for the word Kawanatanga, based on an extensive exploration of biblical history around the time of the birth and death of Jesus.

Table of contents

Cover letter, Kawanatanga, the purpose of the research, Questions, Palestinian History, Some parallels of dates are worth noticing, Bibliography

Primary author: Brookes, Jean

Author biography: Pākehā

Publisher: Brookes, Jean

Publication format: In-house document, Letter, Other

Publication date: 1991

Publication place: Auckland

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: 323.11 BRO – Filing Cabinet

Misc. notes: Attached to the article is a cover letter inviting responses and copies of biblical references.

Content type: History, Kawanatanga

Formal group: Churches

Informal group: Other ethnic

Culture related topics: Bi-cultural

Historical period: 19th, Pre-European