Learning to live with the Waitangi Tribunal: the facts without fear



"People either talk about justice or ripoffs. There seems to be no middle way over the Waitangi Tribunal. Yet, if you are going to understand living in New Zealand into the 21st century it's something you've got to come to terms with. You've got to understand what impact its work will have on the pattern of race relations, social understanding, your right of access to sea and hill and river, and on the national economy in the next two decades. Ths short answer is that it will have plenty – whether you like it or not."

Table of contents

The Waitangi Tribunal – its origins and destination — Evidence about the evidence — The members — The controversies — The powers — The method — Voices from history — The Decisions — March 1983 — November 1984 — July 1985 — April 1986 — November 1987 — Two important viewpoints to consider — The figures tell a story.

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