Nga Kohanga Reo – A Salvage Programme for the Maori Language,



This paper looks at the philosophy behind the Kohanga Reo programme and the difficulties that its first two years have encountered.

Table of contents

Language Policy, Who Speaks Maori in New Zealand?, Community Resources for Maori Language Learning, Maintaining Maori Social Cohesion, Language as a Political Objective, Implementing the Programme, Problems encountered, Solutions, References

Primary author: Douglas, Edward

Secondary author: Barrett Douglas, Rahera

Tertiary author: None

Primary source author/editor: University of Auckland Centre for Continuing Education

Secondary source author/editor: New Zealand Maori Council

Publisher: University of Auckland Centre for Continuing Education

Publication format: Conference proceedings

Publication date: 1984

Publication place: Auckland

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Content type: Models, Policy, Review

Collection: Mitzi Nairn

Tikanga Māori: Te reo Māori

Sector: Education – early childhood, Education – tertiary

Informal group: Māori

General related topics: How to teach

Historical period: 20th

Historical event: Nnone

Resources: Intellectual property