Pakeha Myths and misconceptions: more questions and answers




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Get the facts right; How can a document nearly 150 years old have relevance today?; Maori people havent done anything before – theyre just jumping on the bandwagon; Why is there so much trouble about the Treaty now?; Why cant we throw it out and start again?; Why cant we just get on with living like one people?; What about separae or parallel development? isnt that apartheid?; What does the treaty have to do with Pakeha and Tauiwi?; Why cant maori people look after their language and culture in the same way that other racial groups do?; Does honouring the Treaty of Waiatangi mean giving Maori all their land back?; Maori people are only 125 of the population, why are we talking about equal partnership?; Is the treaty leagal?; What about the Waitangi Tribunal?; Havent Maori people gained from having Europeans here with modern technology and other material benefits?; Why do Maori say they want their land back when they dont actually use it and just let it go to waste?; Where is the Treaty recognised as important?; Why should we have to do anything?; The Treaty makes everything too complicated and takes up too much time…; Maori people thremselves are divided. Most are content with the status quo. Isnt it just a few radicals strirring up trouble?; The Treaty doesnt apply to me – Im a private individual.



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