Pakeha Treaty unpublished material : Pakeha / Tauiwi Treaty work: unpublished material



A collection of resources by various authors regarding Tauiwi Treaty work.

Table of contents

1. Perspective shift: self-reported experiences of six women who attended a two day anti-racism workshop (by Barron, J and L Giddings) — 2. Treaty of Waitangi Education: a poliy issue – responding to resuscitation; the Pakeha Treaty (da Silver, S) — 3. Treaty of Waitangi education: a policy issue – no going back: the outcome of Treaty ofWaitangi education (da Silva, S) — 4. Justice, equality, respect for differences (Gerzon, R) — 5. Review of progress and challenges for 1990s (Haggie, M) — 6. Locating Treaty Education within adult education (Christine Herzog) — 7. The one certainty in organisational change is complexity (Herzog, C) — 8. Overview of Tauiwi Treaty work in Aotearoa (Herzog, C) — 9. Whakapapa of Treaty education (Herzog, C) — 10. A study of project/Network Waitangi – Maor 409: Rangatiratanga and soverignty: the interface (Lecturers: dr Ann Parsonson and Sir Tipene O’Regan – Student: Sarah Hoult) — 11. The role of dominant group conscientisation – reflections of Social change education in Aotearoa New Zealand (Huygens, Ingrid) — 12. Journeys away from dominance: dissonance, struggle and right relationships – the journey to accepting indigenous authority (Huygens, Ingrid) — 13. Remaking community (David James) — 14. Domination and partnership (James, D. and J Wychel) — 15. Pakeha/Tauiwi discussion paper on future constitution (Kawanatanga network) — 16. The Treaty of Waitangi: a Pakeha perspective (L’Estrange, M and M Richardson) — 17. A brief history of Project Waitangi and Network Waitangi ( Macdonald, J) — 18.  The Treaty and the discourse of protest (McNamara, M) — 19. Pakeha women and racism (Nairn, M) — 20. Some liberation theory (Nairn, M) — 21. Decolonisation for Pakeha (Nairn, M) — 22. Decolonisation or denial: a case study of Pakeha responss to the trauma of colonisation (Nairn, M) — 23. Protocols and ethics for Network Waitangi Tiriti workers (Network Waitangi Otautahi) (missing) — 24. Voices of young New Zealanders – presentation to the United Nations Asia Pacific Regional Disarmament Conference (Peace Pacific Forum) — 25. Peace Pacific at Treaty Conference 2001 (Peace Pacific) — 26. Peace Pacific report (Peace Pacific) — 27. Timeline ofhistory of Project/Network Waitangi (Project Waitangi Otautahi — 28. Treaty Conference 2001- Action plans (Treaty Conference 2001 Convenors) — 29. Pakeha and continued Colonisation (Tutty, D) — 30. Towards biculturalism: a model for moving from monoculturalism to biculturalism and racism intervention (Way, K).

Author biography: Pākehā

Publication format: Conference proceedings, Education resource, Essay, Journal article, Report, Speech

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Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

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Content type: History, Kawanatanga, Protest, Report

Collection: Christine Herzog, Ingrid Huygens, Mitzi Nairn, Network Waitangi Otautahi, Project Waitangi (national)

Sector: Education – Treaty

Formal group: Kawanatanga Network, Network Waitangi

Informal group: Pākehā

Culture related topics: Bi-cultural, Multi-cultural, Racism

General related topics: Colonisation, Equity/justice/fairness, Social change – society

Historical period: 20th

Resources: Culture