Politcally soyund: Pakeha backlash



"It is becoming a mark of political soundness among left-wing Pakeha to deny any sense of guilt about our past or present roles in the colonisation of Aotearoa. The current backlash against Maoridoms struggle for a genuine partnership in accordance with the |Treaty of Waitangi is thus not confined to the extreme right or event the liberal middle. It reaches deep into the radical left, which after making some belated concessions to Maori nationalism after the struggles against the 1981 Springbok Tour, has now firmly settled back into its old smugness."

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Primary author: Steven, Rob

Author biography: Pākehā

Publication format: Magazine article

Publication status: Okay to copy

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: APW-1 – Archives Project Waitangi

Sector: Community, Education – tertiary

Informal group: Māori

Culture related topics: Racism

Historical period: 20th