Project Waitangi: submission to the Treaty of Waitangi (State Enterprises) Bill – January 1988



Project Waitangi's submission discusses the Treaty of Waitangi (State Enterprise) bill as a bill that will reinforce the standing of the Waitangi Tribunal and puts in place a mechanism whereby major land claims arising from the past breaches of the Treaty can be properly dealt with.

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Primary author: Project Waitangi

Secondary author: L’estrange, Maryanne

Author biography: Pākehā

Publisher: Project Waitangi

Publication format: Submission

Publication date: 1988

Publication place: Wellington

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: APW-4

Content type: History, Legislation, Protest, Recommendations, Responses, Treaty generally

Tikanga Māori: General

Formal group: Maori Treaty, Tauiwi Treaty

Culture related topics: Bi-cultural

General related topics: Colonisation, Equity/justice/fairness, Social change – society, Tino rangatiratanga

Historical period: 20th