Song book: Network Waitangi Otautahi 2001




Table of contents

Songs include:  Justice sharing; Some in light and some in darkness; People of Aotearoa; We are the ebb; Answer Pakeha – Barbara Menzies; Step by step the longest March; The gin and rasberry – Martin Curtis; The old hearth wall – Martin Curtis; The stable lad; Bread and roses – James Oppenheim; Bandiera Rossa; Solidartiy forever – Raph Chamberain; The honking hymn; The GDP song – Aland Atkisson; The National Anthem (Revised edition) – Brazen Hussies; Corporate jargon – Brazen Hussies; Praise our leaders – Brazen Hussies; Did you sing your children lullabies; Ive lived a life of privilege; The kiwi is a pretty bird; One more step – Sidney Carter; Heaven knows where we are going; Were gonna keep on walking forward; Warning – Jenny Joseph; Resistence is fertile – dare to struggle dare to sing – songs for Pakeha te Tiriti activists; 



Primary author: Network Waitangi

Author biography: Pākehā

Publisher: Network Waitangi

Publication format: Book/report

Publication date: 2002

Publication place: Christchurch

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: ANW-4 – Network Waitangi Otautahi

Sector: Community

Formal group: Network Waitangi

Historical period: 20th