Te Tiriti O Waitangi-based practice in health promotion



This report on health promotion research is influenced by activist scholarship. It is based on the notion that as Te Tiriti o Waitangi legitimises settler presence in Aotearoa New Zealand and governance by the British Crown te Tiriti must lie at the heart of ethical health promotion in this country. It explores the ways in which senior health promoters work with the articles of te Tiriti and its aspirations

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Primary author: Berghan, Grant. Came, Heather. Coupe, Nicole. Doole, Claire. Fay, Jonathan. McCreanor, Tim. Simpson, Trevor.

Publisher: STIR: Stop Institutional Racism,

Publication format: Report

Publication date: 2017

Publication place: Auckland, New Zealand

Publication availability: Yes

Content type: Report

ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 978-0-473-41439-9