The big fat historical (economic) backgrounder purple pocket : in several parts a review of historical information sources for thinking about racism and economics



This portfolio of information attempts to show the importance of Maori economic prospects at the time of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. Part 1 illustrates Maori trade and prosperity. The resentment of many of the settlers, and some of the attitudes, ideas and theories which underlay the resentment and concludes with the warfare of the 1860's. Part II covers the development of infrastructure and institutions.

Table of contents

General Introducton, 1998 edition; Supportive ideology; Purple pocket part 1 – contents: Maori economic prospects 1840-1860, supportive ideology, warfare; Purple pocket part II A – contents: Development of institutions: polictical and social control; Purple pocket part II B – contents: Development of institutions: Resource and economic control; Maori language and the education system: an historical outline; Legislation violations of the treaty 1840-1990; a brief timeline of social welfare in Aotearoa/New Zealand; A brief chronology of health among Maori and Pakeha; The big faat historical backgrouner: second draft.

Primary author: Nairn, Mitzi. (ed)

Secondary author: Kia mohio Kia Marama Trust

Author biography: Pākehā

Publisher: Programme on Racism for the 100 + 10 workshop series

Publication format: Education hand-out, Education resource

Publication date: 1992

Publication place: Auckland

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Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: AMNC-5 Mitzi Nairn Collection – (Programme on Racism)

Collection: Mitzi Nairn

Sector: Education – secondary, Education – tertiary, Education – Treaty

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Informal group: Māori, Pākehā

Culture related topics: Racism

General related topics: Colonisation, Equity/justice/fairness

Historical period: 20th