Treaty of Waitangi and its implications for the health services: Nga ahuatanga mo te hauora o Te Tiriti O Waitangi



"In its recently published discussion paper "Partnership perspectives (He Tirohanga Rangapu) the Government set out its principal objectives in the Maori affairs area. They include: Honouring the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi to protect the Maori interests specified in the Treaty; Eliminating the gaps which exist between the educational personal, social, economic and cultural well-being of Maori people and that of the general population; Dealing fairly, justly and expeditiously with breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi; Providing for Maori language and culture to receive an equitable allocation of resources and a fair opportunity to develop; Promoting decision making which provides opportunities for Maori people to participate on jointly agreed terms in such policy formulation and service delivery; Encouraging Maori participation in the political process."

Table of contents

1. Preamble — 2. Introduction — 3. Treaty of Waitangi — 4. Department of Health response — 5. Proposed area Health Boards’ response — 6. Conclusion.

Primary author: Salmond, George – Director General

Secondary author: Department of Health

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Historical period: 20th

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