Treaty of Waitangi application course information



The course is comprised of two 3 hour courses – it reviews the Treaty basics and an introduction to Treaty application models; and participants may choose amongst three options: Treaty and equity; Treaty and cultural competence; Treaty relationships.

Table of contents

Treaty of Waitangi application course information — Equity and the Treaty course information — Treaty and equity better relationships for all — Equity in relation to Treaty — Equity (and equality) — Why does equity matter?; Terms used in discussing equity; Terms used in discssing responses to cultural diversity; Kawa Whakaruruhau: Cultural safety; Equity (and equality); In 1956 Horace Miner worte an article called Body ritual among the Nacirema and shared it with the anthropolgy community; Some notes on culture — Terms used in discussing equity — Equity circles — Equity resources — equity matters handouts.




Primary author: AWEA, Treaty Resource Centre

Author biography: Pākehā

Publisher: AWEA

Publication format: Course or workshop outline

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Publication place: Auckland

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: HTOW-2 and 323.1199442 TRE (Filing Cabinet)

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Informal group: Māori

Culture related topics: Bi-cultural, Cultural safety (Kawa whakaruruhau)

Resources: Culture