Waitangi? A resource kit



A series of articles, resources and references to assist Church Leaders and congregations in understanding and engaging with the Treaty of Waitangi.

Table of contents

How to use this kitset. What the Churches and Church Leaders have said about the Treaty of Waitangi, Studies:Session 1 The Treaty of Waitangi, Session 2 Legislation/Land Issues since the Treaty, Session 3 Pakeha Responbilibyt in 1984, An Introduction to the Debate, Our Own Backyard, The Treaty of Waitangi (R J Walker), Cover Up 1840-1983, Myths Idols and the Treaty of Waitangi, Legislation Betrays the Treaty of Waitangi, Forward – What happened at Waitangi 1983, Beyond the History, A time of Repentance and Hope: A format for worship on the Sunday nearest Waitangi Day, Biblical Study from Galatians, Resources, Order Form.

Primary author: Churches’ Action Committee

Secondary author: National Council of Churches

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Historical period: 20th