What happened at Waitangi 1983




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The churches’ involvement in Waitangi Day — The contribution planned for the “Ecumenical” service — Eye witness accounts of events of Waitangi Day 1983 — The Churches’ action groups — A day at court — Resolutions of the Executive of the National Council of Churches, February 24, 1983 — Resolutions of Te Runanga Whakawhaunga I Nga Hahi o Aotearoa – Maori Council of Churches — Message from the Generaly Secretary of the Christian Churches of Asia — Letter from Mr J Elworthy, Minister of Lands February 21 1983 — Letter from the Rev. A. MacLeod, General Secretary of trhe National Council of Churches February 25, 1983 — Text of the Treaty — One church and the Treaty — The Treaty of Waitangi / R.J. Walker — Before and after the Treaty — “Substance and “Shadow” / Peter Wedde — Behind the history — A service of repentance and hope as used in a parish church, 1983 — Suggestions for future action — Contract system – programme on racism.

Primary author: Church and Society Commission National Council of Churches of New Zealand

Author biography: Pākehā

Publisher: Church and Society Commission National Council of Churches of New Zealand

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Publication date: 1983

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Historical period: 20th

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