Examples of Pākehā privilege

These pages describe anti-Māori themes used in the news and list alternative ways of thinking about these issues. While the news often implies that Māori are privileged it never acknowledges the privileges that Pākehā received from colonisation.

These are some of the privileges Pākehā have received in the 1800s and 1900s, which still have an impact today:

  • Able to buy or lease Māori land cheaply.
  • Able to learn and speak in their language in school.
  • Have their vote worth more after the creation of the four Māori seats.
  • Able to be paid the full unemployment benefit and old age pension from their introduction.
  • Able to get Government loans and finance for land development.

Ongoing Pākehā privileges today include:

  • Able to use health, education, justice and social services geared to their cultural values.
  • Having their culture and values reflected in the main institutions and goals of society.
  • Freedom from ongoing surveillance and critique on the basis of their ethnicity.