Access, not crackdown



This article discusses politics in New Zealand with Rob Muldoon; the debate over gangs and Muldoons interest in Black Power work trusts, access training programme, Te Iwi newspaper. He also discusses the Mongrel mobs Kuri Rohe Potae Trust started by Tuhoe Isaacs and their wish of transformation for the mob to get the same help from the Govt as the Black Power.

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Primary author: Walker, Ranginui

Author biography: Māori

Publisher: NZ Listener

Publication format: Magazine article

Publication date: September 23 1989

Publication place: Wellington

Publication status: Okay to copy

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: APW-1 – Archives Project Waitangi

Sector: Business, Community, Social services

Informal group: Māori

Culture related topics: Stereotyping

General related topics: Social change – society

Historical period: 20th

Resources: Culture