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Brief herstory of women in Aotearoa since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi (1840 – 1989)  — The Treaty of Waitangi Questions & Answers: a resource kit for Pakeha —  Te Tiriti o Waitangi: the text in English and in Maori — The treaty was also aimed at controlling Europeans — Upfront: Cherryl Warea I te Rangi Smith on 21 ways to take away Treaty Rights — Treaty of Waitangi Seminar resource material — Kaitiaki: establishing Kaitiaki – a paper by Mrs Nganeko Kaihau Minhinnick — Some liberation theory — Multiculturalism is the network of completed bi-cultural negotiations — 1st year O.T. Students Akoranga campus: Tiriti o Waitangi course prepared and presented by Project Waitangi and Associates July 1996 — A brief timeline of how the land of Aotearoa/New Zealand came into Pakeha control — Anti Racism and Treaty Workers gathering, April 1998 – Tamaki  (20p) — Te Tiriti o Waitangi & Health Care Services: a project Waitangi workshop for Waitemata Health — Envelope – Workshop Master copies for photocopying — Envelope – Project Waitangi Treaty overheads — Project Waitangi Miscellaneous Papers, Folder 1 Contents:   NCC Programme on Racism Newsletter No. 6 Oct 1986;  Project Waitangi Manawatu; Project Waitangi; Introduction: to this kit, to Network Waitangi; Project Waitangi submission to the ports reform Bill Feb 1988;          Handwritten notes – 10/11/1988 (1p); Letter to Lesley Smith from Kate Cosgriff and Chris Angus re: The New Maori Myth; Project of Waitangi Hamilton/Kirikiriroa: standards of practice for workshops; Project of Waitangi Hamilton/Kirikiriroa information about workshops Aug 89; Handwritten notes – Project Waitangi Wanganui (3p); Handwritten notes – To Mitzi Nairn from Richard B? (1p) 8/2/90; Letter to Mitzi from Maggie Dowson 15/2/90; Magazine article: Changing minds – the work of Project Waitangi, Maryanne Haggie; Thursday Oct 14 1999 list of names; Project Waitangi and Network Waitangi archivist report 18th Feb 2002; Image of Maori Pou; Article: Participants comments on workshops; Newspaper Article: One NZ foundation: $76,719 deficit puts Project Waitangi; Future in danger — Manila Folder: ACC 271 – PWTM 20 Contents: The state and Welfare by Susan St John 1992; Handwritten notes 912p) J Macdonald; Principles relevant to working for change/social justice based on structural; Analysis model (C Herzhog); Teaching of psychology; Tree approaches to funding; Samoa;  Powerful people; How to facilitate a consensus meeting; Maori sovereignty for Maori people; The SOE Act 1986 – its effect on Maori land; Maori Affairs Restructuring Bill 1989; Rangatiratanga; The Treaty of Waitangi and Rangatiratanga; The links between sexism and racism; Health Services: The Treaty of Waitangi and Equal employment opportunities;  Unit #4 Health Services: Tino Rangatiratang Maori middle management programme; Unit #5  The Treaty of Waitangi and Pakeha Responsibility – Jane Kelsey 4/2/87;  Address by Hon W Rob storey 24/7/1991; Teaching about the awareness of prejudice — Manila Folder: ACC 311 – NW 18 Contents:  Kawanatanga Register – (Missing);  Project Waitangi Debate the Treaty Resource kit, part 1; Pakeha culture (3 copies); School Charters and the Treaty: a guide for Trustees from a pakeha perspective; Draft Guidelines for the Cultural safety component in Nursing and ; Midwifery;  Myths and their makers by Maryanne L’Estrange — Manila Folder: ACC 316 – NW 23 Contents:    Email ex Nga Kaiwhakanekeneke (John Tovey) re Treaty Settlements;  Ex Kawantanga Network (John Kirton) re Treaty Settlement proposals; Nga Kaiwhakanekneke Newsletters Oct 94 No. 1, Jan 95 No. 2; Panui Whakakoro Action Committee; Panui ex NZ Fed of voluntary Welfare Organisation re: Treaty Issues etc 1994; Panui Iwi Resource Development Conference, Wgtn Sep 1993; Te Manutukutuku Newsletters No.s 21,22,23,24; 1993 International year of Indigenous Peoples Calendar of events; Tirohia Newsletter of Human Rights Commission, May 1993 No. 1;  AWD Australia Newsletter Spring 1993 and Autumn 1994 —
Manila Folder: ACC 334 – PWTM 39 Contents:  Te Manutukutuku no.49 Sep 99;  Panui re – Conference on Water Values, uses, rights, laws for FIRST Foundation; Report of Ministerial inquiry re Community Law Centres Jun 1998; Resource Management Bill Amendment 1999; Resource Management Act Amendment Bill Voting Environment Newsletter Apr – May 99; Ecolink Newsletter Dec 9

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