Atareta Poananga and Te ahi Kaa: what do Maori nationalists want?



"The real ownership of the land is a condition of being born on it and keeping the fires burning and the land warm. When our people put claims through the land court they always start off with Ahi Kaa principle – our ancestors came to this land and the fire has been burning ever since." A group of Maori nationalists, known as Te Ahi Kaa and its core members, who insist they are but the representatives of many, are established figures who have been active at the cutting edge of Maori protest – the call for self determination, language and lad rights, the honouring of the Treaty – over the last two decades.

Table of contents

Te ahi kaa – keepers of the fire — Here then — Atareta – What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this? — At home — When she returned — The appeal decision — Atareta admits… –Atareta Poananga and te ahi kaa.

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