Kawa Whakaruruhau – Culture Safety – Resource Book



A series of articles contributing to a Kawa Whakaruruhau – Cultural Safety resource book.

Table of contents

A. Kawa Whakaruruhau – Cultural Safety 1. Teaching Cultural Safety – Irihapeti Ramsden (NZ Nursing Journal June 1992) 2. Cultural Safety – Irihapeti Ramsdem (NZ Nursing Journal Dec 1990) 3. How can you teach Cultural safety? Isabelle Sherrard (NZ Nursing Journal Oct 1991) B. Community Health Issued 1. Health Care Plans – A key alternative for Maori – Juliet Ashton (Health Vol 40:17 Spring 1991) 2. Public Health Nurse – Thea Roorda (Health) 3. Important Improvements in Maori Health (Health Vol 40:5 Spring 1988) 4. Community Health Communities – Anne De Lacey (Health, Vol40:10 Summer 1990) 5. Priorities for Child Health (Health Vol 40:10 Spring 1990) 6. The Challenge of Community Health Care (Health Vol 40:10 Summer 1990) 7. Untrained Hands (NZ Nursing Journal July 1991) 8. Health for the People – Union Health Service (NZ Nursing Journal June 1991) 9. New Choices in Childbirth – Thea Roorda (Health Vol 40:9 Spring 1989) C. Cervical Smears 1. A Continuing Smear Campaign ((NZ Nursing Journal Feb 1991) 2. Major New Campaign to Prevent Cervical Cancer – Diana Burns (Health Vol 40:16 Winter 1991) D. Cot Death 1. Cot Death – What is Being Done? (Health Vol 40:7 Autumn 1989) 2. Cot Death Study Pinpoints Risk Factors (Health Vol 40:14 Summer 1991) 3. Dramatic Drop in Cot Deaths – Lesley Patston (Health Vol 40:17 Spring 1991) 4. Preventing Cot Death – The Role of the Nurse ((NZ Nursing Journal July 1991) 5. Infant Death Rates Drop – Health Vol 40:12 Winter 1990)

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