Maori culture not understood by alcohol workers



"Alcohol counselors and therapists do not know enough about Maori culture and how to deal with Maori clients, according to ALAC's Maori co-ordinator, Ngamaru Raeriino. Here he gives an introduction to some of the basics that everyone in the alcohol field should know".

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Primary author: Raerino, Ngamaru

Primary source author/editor: ALAC March 1985

Author biography: Māori

Publisher: ALAC

Publication format: Journal article

Publication date: 1985

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: 305.8994 MAO – Filing Cabinet

Content type: Implementation

Sector: Education – tertiary, Health, Social services

Informal group: Māori, Pākehā

Culture related topics: Concept of culture

General related topics: Social change – society

Historical period: 20th

Resources: Culture