Racism in the English language



This essay discusses the many ways in which the English language reflects and promotes racism.

Table of contents

Language and culture; A short play on “black” and “white” words; Obvious bigotry; Color symbolism; Ethnocentrism or from a white perspective; Passive tense; Politics and Terminology; “Loaded words” and Native Americans; “Loaded words and Africans”; Qualifying adjectives; Speaking English.



Primary author: Moore, Robert, B.

Primary source author/editor: Paula S. Rothenberg,

Publisher: Saint Martin’s Press

Publication format: Book chapter, Essay

Publication date: 1998

Publication place: Nw York, New York

Publication availability: Yes

Catalog reference: AMNC-5 Mitzi Nairn Collection – (Programme on Racism) and 305.8 MOR – Filing Cabinet and Education 2: Programme on Racism Box 4

Sector: Education – tertiary

Culture related topics: Concept of culture, Racism, Stereotyping

Historical period: 20th

Resources: Culture