The Pakeha and the treaty: Signposts




Table of contents

On leaving New Zealand & returning to Aotearoa / Sandra Winton — “The opportunity to emigrate was ours of right” / Eric Camfield — Pakehatanga : a culture of control / Ray Nairn — Forty years in Aotearoa : extracts from an interview / Peggy Ashton — Insights : where the Treaty of Waitangi leads a Pakeha / John Towle — Racism : a personal journey / Angus MacLeod — Dialogue / Rosemary Russell — A psalm from Mangere / Jean Brookes — Churches & the Treaty : a history / Allan Davidson — Takaparawha : a case study in the alienation of land through legislation / David Williams — Wellington protest : 6 February 1986 / Claire Virtue, Sue Vugler — Biculturalism & Government administration : suggestions for change / Murray Short — Education : the future is bicultural / Charmaine Pountney — The law : changes in a bicultural society / Piers Davies — An independent Aotearoa : Pakeha in the peace movement are challenged / George Armstrong — A bicultural pilgrimage : Durham Street Church, Dunedin / John Roberts — Working it through / Auckland Regional Bicultural Working Group of the Methodist Church — Aid & development : how does the Treaty of Waitangi make an impact on understanding & action? / Barbara Stephens — Should Maori become an official language? / Duncan Jamieson — Commitment to each other : commitment to this land / Bronwen Olds, David Hanna — Pakeha parents : implications of the Treaty of Waitangi / Sue Spindler, Mark Gibson.


Primary author: Church and Society Commission of the National Council of Churches in New Zealand

Author biography: Pākehā

Publisher: Church and Society Commission of the National Council of Churches in New Zealand

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Publication date: 1986

Publication place: Auckland

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Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Catalog reference: AMNC-2 – Archive Mitzi Nairn Collection – POR Publications

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Content type: Explanation of Treaty, History, Treaty generally, Treaty itself

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Culture related topics: Bi-cultural

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Historical period: 20th

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