Tino Rangatiratanga – A public questions occasional paper



This paper understands Tino Rangatiratanga as central to Maori understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi. Tino Rangatiratanga stands in contrast to kawantanga which Maori have always seen as giving limited power to the Crown. The booklet explores Government policy, legislation and the action of the Court in relation to Tino Rangatiratanga, and makes an argument for constitutional reform that places Tino Rangatiratanga and the Treaty at the heart of the matter.

Table of contents

Introduction, The meaning of Tino Rangatiratanga, Rangatiratanga and Kawanatanga, Tino Rangatiratanga and the Labour Government 1984-1990, Tino Rangatiratanga and the National Government 1990-1993, Tino Rangatiratanga and the Courts, Tino Rangatiratanga and the Waitangi Tribunal, Tino Rangatiratanga and Maori devolution, Tino Rangatiratanga and the Principles of the Treaty, The Need for constitutional reform, Acknowledgments, Bibliography

Primary author: Conference of Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand

Secondary author: Kelseym, Jane

Primary source author/editor: Conference of Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand

Author biography: Corporate/institutional

Publisher: Conference of Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand

Publication format: Pamphlet, Education hand-out

Publication date: July 1993

Publication place: Auckland

Publication availability: Yes

Publication location: Treaty Resource Centre

Content type: Treaty itself, Explanation of Treaty, Legislation, Kawanatanga, Injustice, Recommendations, Annotated bibliography

Formal group: Churches, Maori Treaty, Tauiwi Treaty

General related topics: Equity/justice/fairness, Colonisation, First Peoples' rights, Social change – society

Historical period: 20th